Forever는 Person of Interest가 연장에 실패한 후, 한 동안 마음(?) 붙일 드라마가 없던 내게 

황무지에 단비를 내려준 것 같았다.


스포일러가 되고 싶지는 않으니, 자세한 내용은 생략하기로 하고, 아무튼 주인공은 어떤 계기를 통해 영생(?)을 얻게 된다.

그런 그가 자신이 살아왔던 과거와 살고 있는 현재를 통해 들려주는 이야기들이...

삶을 대하는 그의 생각과 태도가 마음을 끌었다.


현재는 시즌 1이 끝난 상태인데, 에피소드별로 괜찮은 대사를 정리해 보았다.


안타깝지만 대충 본 관련 뉴스에 따르면 시즌2 제작은 취소된 것 같다. ㅜ.ㅜ

[Forever  01E03]

So however long you live,
even though that might prove a very, very long time...
You must tell yourself to live every day, every hour,
as if it could be your last.

[Forever  01E05]

Every generation likes to think they're improving upon the last,
that progress is inevitable,
that the future holds less misery and suffering than the past.
But the truth is, some things never change.
History has a way of repeating itself.
It's just most people don't live long enough to see it happen.

You only live once.

[Forever  01E08]

It's strange that the things we do for a thrill, in order to make ourselves feel alive, are the same things that may kill us.
The same is true when it comes to human relationships.
The people we love the most are the ones capable of hurting us the most deeply. 

[Forever S01E12]

Committing fully to the protection of another can often engender a kind of paradox.
In doing so, we are tempted to put ourselves at risk.
The very thing most likely to cause pain in those whom we are trying to so desperately to keep pain from.

[Forever S01E13]

What kills you is not what causes your heart to stop beating.
It's what prevents you from living.

[Forever S01E14]

"A good man apologize for the mistakes of the past,
but a great man corrects them." Goethe quote.

There are two things we are charged with in this life, Henry.
Living with our mistakes and endeavoring to learn from them, to be better men becaue of them.
No matter what you think of me, I know I have raised a good man.

[Forever S01E16]

We are told that those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it,
while those who dwell in the past would love nothing more than to repeat it over and over again.
But memories, like photographs, have a way of fading with time.

You know, it turn out that, uh, a pinch of notalgia might not be such a bad thing.

Some memories are so powerful that they never fade...

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